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Occasional Membership Holders 

Please use the form below to request a sitter by entering in the date(s) & hours that you need a sitter. 

*We get alerted of your submission right away and begin reaching out to our sitters.

For your reference, and as a reminder, here is the breakdown of prices for placements fees per booking, per day:

  • Notice of Four Days or Less - $20/day

  • 72-Hour Notice - $25

  • 24-Hour Notice - $45 

Occasional Membership Holders - Request a Sitter Form

You got your date(s) when you need a sitter? Fill out this form at any time when you want to request a sitter. Then, we do all the rest! Once your form is submitted, we receive your request immediately, and we get to work!

Request a Sitter Form

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