What Price are your Kids Worth?..Pros & Cons of Posting on Facebook for Childcare

Well, I could only think of one Pro of posting on Facebook & searching on your own to find a caregiver for your child(ren)... It's free! But, wouldn't it be worth spending an extra few dollars for the safety of your child? When I was doing my research within the past year, I can surely tell you that prices to pay nanny agencies are WOW... expensive!! But, back to the subject. My reason for starting up this business is because as a mother, I see the flaws in just throwing a post out there wanting a sitter. Knowing nothing about them. All the sites that we have out there for childcare, yes, i'll admit can get pretty expensive.. just to look at profiles. Well, you can do that here too! The cons of using facebook posts in babysitting groups & not using BabySitter Finder, are:

  • No background checks done

  • Receive up to 3 maybe 6 of people saying 'i'm available' or 'i sent you a pm'

  • It's exhausting looking on your own for a babysitter

  • Doesn't reach many people, only those in the group

  • It can be a waste of time interviewing because you haven't had other people's opinion

  • If that sitter you found doesn't show up.. then what?!

That's 6 cons off the top of my head that I thought about that is wrong by doing it all on your own. This is why people turn to nanny agencies. Who has the time to research and do all of this stuff?! And just to note.. BF isn't even really an agency, it's more like a 'referral service'. Unless you don't mind hiring just anyone to watch your child(ren), do you really want to take all that time to research sitters? Let's take a background check for example.. sure, you can pay for it yourself online which is just one of many things you'll still have to do. You have to sitter search, interview, do reference checks, etc., ick, just sounds too exhausting. Especially if you work full time then have to come home and do your house stuff and everything in between. It's easier to just pay for it all and call it a day! But wait,.. the only places out there that do all this stuff will cost you some big bucks! $1,200 to an agency for a full-time nanny???!! $200 for an 'application cost'?!?!?! Get the heck outta here!

All the posts i've seen on facebook, and the people replying to these posts, was my inspiration. We aren't rich. We all have to make ends meet. So, don't waste your money and time.. let BabySitter Finder do everything for you. And all you have to do is pay for the services you want, and just focus on paying your babysitter!

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