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BabySitter Finder spends the entire day on the search for the perfect sitter or nanny for our clients. We do what you do when searching.. x's10! We post via Facebook.. just like you!!.. But, it doesn't stop there.. we post throughout all web-based connections such as Google, Indeed, Instagram, INA Job Board, and even partnered with Sittercity to recruit the very best that goes according to your needs.

Do you find it to be a struggle searching endlessly?..and when you do get prospective sitters to express their availability, they may not meet the qualifications that you're looking for.

It's a fact that it's hard to get a caregiver to commit to an interview, let alone be the consistent, reliable, long-term sitter that you're looking for.


- Receive a full application filled out and screened before consideration. Including their resume & photo.

- Profile of their history.

- Receive a document of helpful interview questions.

- Reference checks.

Hiring a private babysitter finder not only saves you hours upon hours on end, but takes all the worry off your hands!




What's more beneficial than getting assistance in finding your perfect family?! We have positions available like permanent Nanny placement, Occasional babysitting, and babysitting placement.



Need assistance with your business? Checkout what we can help you with.


Questions? Comments? Ideas? Email: melissa@sitterparentfinder.com

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