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Finding Childcare on Your Own... or Pay a Service to Help You?

Why Parents Hire Agencies. Hello Parents! It's been a while, so I thought I'd drop a line to say hello. I know this is a very important time of year to find that perfect nanny to take care of our sweet babies while school is starting again.

What BabySitter Finder does exactly:

A service offered to not only help parents find that trustworthy caregiver, but to also help in-home daycare owners promote their services.

In this article I want to explain to you how different we are compared to other childcare/nanny placement services. Well, for starters, we start from scratch. Most agencies employ their own staff of agencies and have strict guidelines that you have to follow. We start from scratch with every family. We learn exactly the kind of person you are looking for and search according to that specific criteria.

How is it that we can work with every State throughout the U.S?

Most people think, 'Well, how useful could you be to me, you're not from my town?!' All we need is a zip code. Nowadays, technology is so powerful that it allows us to do almost anything.


That is what allows us to work at lightening speed of the sitter-searching process more so than the average normal parent, as yourself. Because we are a placement service, we already have our childcare-finding connections set in place.

Some Parents think we charge high prices.

This is far from true. The average Elite placement agency charges as low as $1500-$2500 to get the job done. Why?.. Think about it.. we work for you as your personal assistant. An example, think of why hiring a lawyer is so costly.. it's because a single individual, or team of members, are working day and night specifically working for you.

BabySitter Finder offers services that are broken up into allowing you to only request the services that you want and/or need. What this means.. Agency prices are high for the sole reason that they not only put in many, many hours of manpower.. but are working specifically for you. The cost also includes a lot of legalities like Nanny contracts, family contracts, family & agency contracts.. these are all extremely time consuming.

This is where we come in. We do not require that, but of course, offer it if you choose it.

Our purpose. To basically offer a quicker, speedier process to allow you to get a caregiver faster.

Fact. There is no other business entity that is offered in between sitter searching yourself by googling and/or posting on FB, or having to pay high costs to an elite agency until we came about.

We wanna help! We are trusted and have built an excellent client base. Our goal is to be as fast as possible, and as accurate as possible. And it is so simple, because we are a licensed LLC company who have done this for a long time. All you have to do is fill out a Family Form and we have a brief consult and we do all the rest. You get to choose who you wanna hire by reviewing candidates' applications who apply. We do a thorough pre-screen and send over to you via email for your viewing. It is a one-time fee to the agency (or payment plans if you prefer), and you will receive unlimited applications to your email until you decide whom you like. You will receive a formal, professionally filled out application, resume and photo. You let us know you like them.. and we work together to setup an interview.

You may visit our Hire a Sitter or Nanny page to view all the info you need to know.

Simply fill out our form or you can click the Family Form link directly: (NOTE: There is no fee to fill out this form, but to fill out so that we can learn more about you and your family needs.)


BF is in the process of constantly updating our F&Q's page to try to answer any and all questions that would help you determine if this is the service you want to go with.

Don't Need A Permanent Nanny or Sitter?

Visit our Occasional Care page. For a small yearly membership fee, you are able to request a sitter anytime you like by just filling out a Sitter Request Form (located at the bottom of the Occasional Care page) anytime you know the date(s) of when a sitter is needed.

Our Motto.


Because we work at lightning speed to get applicants applying as fast as possible.. We advertise. Receive applications.. You Select. You Connect.

Become a Free Member.

Visit our Home page to sign up to become a member of our site. We have so many plans in store for you! Like being able to setup your own profile so that you'll be able to keep up with new insights & communicate with others.

We are working on categorizing our members by your title of whether you are a parent, nanny, agency owner, or daycare owner.. even by which State you are located in.

Please don't hesitate to reach out!!

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