Find a Nanny??


Let’s come together and think about ways we can advertise for finding a great Nanny for our family. Theres Facebook, of course. Care, Sittercity, Bambino, etc. So, we choose these social media sites in hopes of better luck. Usually, we start with FB, then give in to memberships with online babysitting sites, but how effective are they?! For just a little more money, what if you were able to expose to all of these AND have practically your own assistant?! (BabySitter Finder), does ALL of this for you and much, MUCH more! Advertises throughout the web, searches endlessly, screens candidates, reviews formal applications, resumes & pics of candidate, schedules interviews, reference and background checks and on and on. Put your mind at ease. Click the link to learn more: . If interested, fill out a free Family Application to receive your free consultation and advice on your goals.

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