Candidates Applying Fast

Hi Parents! Upon BabySitter posting your job throughout the web, the turn-around time to receive our first few applicants has been impeccable! We've placed many great sitters with families, so far! No matter where in the U.S. you live, the entire process & feedback works the exact same way!

Even if you are not looking right now, tell your family members!!!...Tell your friends!! Everyone is always looking for care for our precious little ones!

We do have some sitters on our site, however, every new job posting gets their own personal attention, since all families have their own specific needs!

No need to spend money on sites like care or sittercity... spend almost the exact same price with BabySitter Finder!! The difference is that you get your own personal attention and someone who works on your behalf!

I am absolutely loving the great relationships that i am/have built with all our clients!

Together, as a team, let’s take the aggravation out of posting on facebook and seeing poor results, and let’s find you the best possible caregiver!

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