Building Our Member Community

Hey there to all of the wonderful BabySitter Finder Members!! One great passion of mine when first designing my business plan for this service, was to build an interactive community for my Members to be able to get involved and interact as much as possible. To be able to allow you to speak your mind, and for you to feel free to ask questions, create topics of discussion, and to seek advice from your fellow Members, so that they could chime in.

As for me, being your Admin, I want and welcome your feedback, too! I'd like to hear your thoughts and advice when it comes to services you'd like to see & have available to you on BabySitter Finder's website. I thrive on listening & providing to my Members, so I can create and build the needs you, as parents, desire to have in a babysitting placement service.

What's New!?.. Now Introducing... Badges!!!

Let's Start Our Forum Discussions..!

When a Member takes on an initiative, you will earn a badge! This'll allow you to stand out from all the rest. As our Forum progresses, badges will be added/changed. Such as, different badges will provide special access for you to be able to edit/manage certain things on the site.

I will always alert you of new badges that are being created and available to earn. OR..even better,...if you're up for it, mention badge ideas in the Forum! ;)

Below, you'll see what the first 3 badges will look like that you could earn:

  • TOPIC STARTER - Assigned after you have contributed a conversational topic to help get our Member Community started.

  • ADVICE GIVER - When you have provided feedback to a Member's question.

  • 'ABOUT ME' PROFILE - This badge will be posted when you have created an 'About Me' Profile to help other Members get to know you.

Here's What You'll See When Posting To The Forum

Sky's The Limit!!.. Add a title, write descriptions, post pictures and videos, etc., mainly anything that's on your mind!

"Let's Start Selecting & Connecting!"

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