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BabySitter Finder Isn't Just Your Typical, One-Stop-Shop, Type-A-Business...

One of the many objectives and services that BabySitter Finder has to offer, is forming a Member Community. The VERY FIRST inspiration came to mind of forming this business, was triggered by Facebook. Seeing ALL the many, many childcare FB groups. The hundreds of posts published by families and caregivers trying to seek help with their needs. Parents trying to find a sitter, caregivers trying to find work, daycares trying to get noticed.

"BabySitter Finder isn't just your typical one-stop-shop. It is not defined as just a Nanny Agency... or just a Web Developer, Advertiser, Nanny or Family Assistant, but a place for an Online Member Community, as well."

.. But a place for everyone to come together in one place! We are not just a business that interacts as one service, we are an entity to unite everyone to all come together!

BabySitter Finder isn't a big, well-known website.. just yet.. But, by becoming a Member, and all of us coming together as one, we are confident to succeed in all the possibilities of services that each childcare-involved individual is looking for. Visit the Home page of the website to Join.

We Want to Hear From You!

As we browse through all the different FB-group discussions, another service idea is triggered in our heads. Our main goal, mission, and what we thrive on, is all designed and created around your want and needs out of a service!

Currently, we offer all levels of experience and budget.

Families: Looking for a Nanny? or an Occasional Sitter? Those who seek high-quality care, and those who need an affordable budget.

Long & Short-Term Nanny

Occasional Care

Pricing Plans tailored to fit your needs & budget.

Nannies & Babysitters of all types: From Experienced to just starting out. Advertisement of your own portfolio.

Licensed Daycares/In-home Daycares/Caregivers who Babysit out of their home:

Help to get known. Advertising. Web-page Development, Logo Creations,

Form Submissions for caregivers who privately run their own services.

And the Best Part... A Free Community!

  • Create your own 'About Me' Profile.

  • Upload your own profile picture and background (just like FB)

  • "Follow" other Members.

  • Visit the Forum, Post topics, start conversations and interact with other members.

New Ideas Coming Soon:

Materials & Documents to better help and assist families and caregivers. Such as, but not limited to, hiring kits, ways of improvement, interview help for parents and caregivers, handbooks, design packets..and anything & everything else we can find to help in guidance.

All of these services and features were all conjured together from seeing what people are looking for throughout Facebook. But, in order to best serve and help all you wonderful, hard-working people out there.. we NEED to hear your feedback! Types of services you may need help with, working within a budget, desired connections you may need, any and all ideas and suggestions are welcomed and most-needed!

Have Questions, Book an Appointment, or to view services click Here.

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