Do You Run Your Own Daycare or Agency?

Do you run your own in-home daycare? Or even babysit out of your home? What do you do to get the word out there? Well, there are many ways! The first step would be to have an eye-catching website. Usually, when you meet with new parents to show them the ropes as to how you run your service, you'd like them to have reference of your business, right?! What could be better than to have a website with a direct link that you could share easily by just emailing or texting a link to your potential new client?! This is just one of the many great services and benefits that BabySitter Finder offers! 

What We Offer

One of the many services BabySitter Finder provides is offering a service to in-home daycare providers. Those individuals who operate a daycare out of their home have an opportunity to team up with us to have their daycare advertised. Therefore, we provide all the details about your daycare, and act on your behalf to provide information to families who are interested and want to know more. 

We offer many types of services to in-home daycare providers to help them spread the word about their business and to get more clients. Surely, most private daycares advertise on Facebook just like the rest of us. So why hire someone else to advertise for you?!


Here are some reasons why it's more beneficial to partner up with BabySitter Finder:

  • The Connections - We are already networked with hundreds of members from all over the U.S. We are a part of private business owner groups on social media and are a part of many business-type directories online, etc.

  • Already Paying High-Cost Networking Services - As we all know, running a business is surely not cheap! We are already paying monthly fees for memberships, networking connections, email marketing, custom form builders, and so much more. 

  • Saves Time - We do all your advertising, designing, developing, corresponding with interested parents, everything! 


Daycare/In-Home Service Advertisement


How It Works

First, you fill out a Daycare Service Request Form and provide details, links, pictures, etc., and we will gather up all your information and form into a description of your daycare. Then, we create and design your own webpage, which will also be available to you, as well, just in case you'd want to share the link to anyone. Thereafter, we post and advertise your business via the BabySitter Finder website, Google, Social Media, and many other connections as mentioned above. 

When a Parent Inquires About Your Daycare

Included on your webpage will be a contact form. Parents who are interested in learning more will fill in their contact info which gets emailed directly to us. We email you right away letting you know someone is interested, and then we get back to the interested parent or you contact them, whichever you prefer.


Getting Started - The startup cost is $75 which covers everything from the description and design to full-blown advertising and collecting leads (parent inquiries) for the first 30 days. If you choose to have us continue to advertise for you on your behalf, it is only $4.99 per month, which you may cancel at any time.

Click Here to see an example of one of our happy clients!

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