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Childcare Business Pathways

In this 'Childcare Business Pathways' Category, it will be listing more in-depth definitions of exactly what each service offers. The services we will be starting with are 'BF Childcare Pricing Plans' & 'For People Running Their Own Childcare Services'.


We are trying every which way possible to figure out a way to lessen the confusion as to how BabySitter Finder works, and what it offers.

*The key thing to remember about our Application, Interactive, and All-Inclusive Plans are that we get alerted right away as soon as your purchase has been made. We then gather your answers and job description from the Family Application that you had filled out, and produce your job post within 1-2 hours. The turn-around time for applicants to start applying is within lightning speed!! We can see our first applicant come through, as little as, only a few hours that same day. We then review the candidates' information that they had sent, and then require them to send us their Resume, BF Application, & Picture. If we feel they meet your standards and job description, we then forward on to you their info via straight to your e-mail inbox for your review.


We thrive on helping you succeed in your childcare services. Whether you are:

  • Stay-at-Home Mom looking to watch a few kiddos out of your house.
  • Daycare Center Owner
  • In-Home Daycare Provider
  • Even want some help in promoting your babysitting services.

ANYTHING you may need help on... Sky's The Limit...We are here to help!

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