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Requesting an occasional sitter is easy! The first step is filling out your Occasional Sitter Request Form and just submit! Thereafter, we will schedule a time and day that works best for you for a brief phone chat to go over your application. Rest assure, there are no strings attached! All your doing is taking full advantage of your free form submission and consultation.


Returning Member? Need to Request a Sitter?

This section is for individuals who hold an Occasional Membership Plan ONLY. Haven't joined yet? Let's check it out!

You may request a sitter at any time, by filling out a Request a Sitter Form. Simply, fill out and submit. We will receive your inquiry immediately. Then... we'll do all the rest!

  • We'll design a descriptive job inquiry and post via all BF connections. 

  • Pre-Review candidate applications, then send on to your e-mail for your review.

  • Any applicants you may be interested in, just let us know & we will proceed with setting up an interview, if you wish

Occasional Care 

Just looking for an occasional caregiver...

You can request:

  • Upcoming Dates

  • Need Last Minute

  • Occasional

  • Date Night

  • Mother's Helper

  • Before/After School Care

  • Overnights

  • Weekends

  • Temporary

**Must purchase a Membership Plan to become a member of the Occasional Care Request Program. Pay one-time fee of $100 for a one-year membership. Additional fees may apply.

There are many different types of care that is available.. all tailored to fit your needs. Simply, click on the button below to fill out your Request Form today!


The first step is filling out an Occasional Sitter Request Form. Once your phone consultation has been conducted, we will then proceed with the following steps:

  1. Become a Member

  2. Job description gets created.

  3. Get Noticed by advertisement

  4. Collect & Review applicants.

  5. Get Matched!

Returning Members

Any time that you need to request a sitter, you will visit back to this page to fill out a 'Request a Sitter Form'.


  • Membership $100/yr. 

    • The Occasional Membership Plan is a service for individuals who want to request a sitter from time-to-time or on occasion. This Membership covers the design and maintenance of the requestors profile. This plan requires a small fee of a one-time payment per year.

  • Placement fee per booking, per day is $20.

    • Once you hold a Membership, please visit back to this page at any time, that you need to request a sitter. We then receive the form request and search for your sitter! Booking fee is due prior to the arrival of your sitter. 

  • 72-Hour Notice $25

  • 24-Hour Notice $45


Become a Member of the Occasional Membership Plan, which is a service for individuals who want to request a sitter from time-to-time or on occasion. This Membership covers the design and maintenance of the requestors profile, and only requires a one-time payment per year.



per year!

Occasional Membership Holders - Request a Sitter Form

You got your date(s) when you need a sitter? Fill out this form at any time when you want to request a sitter. Then, we do all the rest! Once your form is submitted, we receive your request immediately, and we get to work!

This form is intended for Individuals who hold an Occasional Membership ONLY. So, Let's Join Now!

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