What is it?

Introducing 'Services Price List'

Sure, the memberships BF offers are great because it's on-going support with all the perks included. But, sometimes, it's hard to pay for, as well. So, I wanted to recreate another pricing option to make even more affordable. I will explain the design of the table.

Only pay for the services you need!

What is an Application Package?

After the initial startup fee of $45 has been paid, you pick an 'Application Package'.

This is basically what you choose to hire BF for. For example you choose a 1-5 package. This means that once I receive upto 5 applications, they will be sent to you. 

What is an Application Service Package?


An 'Application Service Package' works pretty similar to the first paragraph I mentioned. Except, the cost is only half the price of paying for applications upon purchasing additional services. 

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