What is my photo used for?

There will be sub-tabs located under the 'Members' menu category. This will be where you go to view available information from a Family or Sitter application submission. You will be able to browse available Sitters in your area, as well as, where you'll be able to view available open job positions from Family's.


I ask that anyone who has, and will, be submitting an application to also submit a picture of yourself. For Sitters especially, by doing this, it will result in higher chances that a Family would take interest in you.

If no picture is provided, a stock picture will be used in place of that.


**You MUST become a Member of BabySitter Finder to have access to view ALL Members' application information. 


Don't forget to add a picture to your 'Member Profile Card'!...You can even add a background pic just like on Facebook!



Please remember that personal information will never be displayed on any internet site. Only specifics of your details of your application.

you may click here to upload your photo.. 

Max File Size 15MB
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