Service ID# 1: contains the discount prices

Service ID# 8: contains the prices you pay to only receive the applications that you'll handle yourself.

Please note that all additional services are available and recommended to you so it can be done professionally. After all, who'd feel like going through all these processes anyway?! It's like you think to yourself.. I just want to find a reliable caregiver!

the cost you'd pay for the app package w/service purchases

Service ID #1

Application Costs

The discounted price you would pay if you chose a minimum of 2 additional services.

Service ID #2

Pre-Screen Interview

Service ID #3

Background Check

This is the 2nd step. All prospective candidates would be interviewed with more in-depth questions. Questions perhaps you'd like me to ask them.

Whether you prefer to do it on your own, or think it's unnecessary, this is a service provided and is based on each individual.

Service ID #4

Reference Checks

Service ID #5

Investigative Research

Service IDs #6&7

Interview Questions

Employment Agreement

I will do all the contacting for you, of whomever's app you choose. You can tell me specific questions to ask, or I can just use one of my forms, your choice!

This is where I go into more extensive searches on the potential candidates. Kind of like exactly what an investigator would do.

These are just a few of the informational sheets I provide to you in case you'd find them useful once you've hired your caregiver.

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