One of the many services BabySitter Finder provides is offering a service to in-home daycare providers. Those individuals who operate a daycare out of their home have an opportunity to team up with us to have their daycare advertised. Therefore, we provide all the details about a daycare and act on their behalf to provide information to families who are interested and want to know more. Check below to see if there's a daycare available in your area!

Helping Families Find Daycare

The process is similar to our two Sitter Seeker Plans that we offer, except not done in so much detail and not as costly. Since we are a “business” we have a lot of connections with other business-type Directories, Business communication only correspondences, Private owner social media groups,.. things like that. Which in turn allows us to locally find both licensed in-home daycares and private daycares. This is what afforded us to be able to design this package. 


  • Fill out the family search form.

  • We then design & create descriptive info to fit the exact needs you are looking for.. i.e. days/hours needed, price range, etc.

  • Take time to contact and reach out to all our connections .. then the search begins!

  • Whether we find and contact a Daycare on your behalf, or a Daycare submits their inquiry to us, we then gather all their information and send it on to you via email for your review and consideration.  


That’s pretty much in a ‘nut-shell’. We are starting at an introductory rate of a one-time fee of $125.. guaranteed valid until we find you your ideal Daycare and you hire them for your childcare needs. Payment Plans are also accepted, as well (this is another new service we are trying out).

Check below to see if there is a daycare near you..

Current Daycares Available

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