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Hiring a Nanny or Sitter

What is the difference between both plans?

The 'Basic Sitter Seeker Plan' and the 'Elite Sitter Seeker Plan' have a difference in how many services are offered in each one. Whether you are seeking a regular sitter or a nanny, both plans offer the option of you requesting either or. You can request long-term, short-term, live-in, live-out, whatever your preference.. we will find your perfect caregiver. The 'Basic' plan offers general servicing and the basics. The 'Elite' plan goes more in-depth such as a hiring kit, contract for your nanny, background check, etc.

How do I get started?

We prefer you click the button that is shown at the bottom of each plan to fill out a Family Application. However, we understand that you may want to ask questions first before filling out the app.. so, you can always. click on the Book Appointment button to schedule a time and day to have a brief phone chat to go over how it all works. If you choose this option, please click on the "I'm a parent general questions".

Are the prices listed on the two plans a monthly fee? Or a one-time fee?

NO!!.. We are excited to say that it is just a one-time flat price, and you only pay $250 up front until a sitter or nanny is found and hired!

Why should I become a client with BabySitter Finder and not go with another agency?...Or even just look on my own?

It is literally a full-time job searching for nannies & sitters. There's so much you have to put into the process when considering a candidate. Top 5 reasons why you should choose BabySitter Finder: 1. The prices are unbeatable and too good to pass up. 2. We're the only childcare business that offers payment plans. 3. You choose what you want to pay your nanny or sitter. 4. We are already partnered with Sittercity and Care, so that saves you money right there, not to mention the time you have to take to still review and search. 5. All individuals we seem deemed to qualify as a suitable candidate, they must fill out a formal "Sitter Application", and attach a photo and resume. We then send it directly to your email for your review.

Occasional Care

What is Occasional Care?

Occasional Care is recommended for families who don't need a caregiver on a regular basis. This membership is great to have when needing a babysitter either once a week or even a few times per month.

How does it work?

The first step is filling out an Occasional Sitter Request Form. This provides us information on the needs that you are looking for. That information is taken and we get to work on advertising for babysitters that fit your exact description. Once applicants start applying, we request they fill out a formal Sitter Application & submit a photo and resume. If deemed qualified we email their info to you for review. We usually continue interviewing until we get at least 2-3 backup sitters to call upon when you have a date you need a sitter for.

Once i've become a Member, how do I request sitters?

It's so easy!! When you have date(s) you need babysitting, you simply just fill out a Request a Sitter Form and submit! You don't even have to contact BabySitter Finder.. you fill out your form, submit it, and we'll receive it. We take note of the dates you need and reach out to the babysitters that we've chosen when we have gone through the applicant-review process.

How much does it cost?

The Membership is a one-time flat fee of $100 and is valid for an entire year. There is a placement fee of $20 per booking/per day. If you request a sitter with a 72-hour notice, there is an additional $25 fee. If you request with a 24-hour notice, it is an additional $45 fee.

Sign me up!

Feel free to visit the Occasional Care page to view more detailed information. OR to start, simply fill out the Occasional Care Request Form and submit. Thereafter, we will give you a call to just confirm all your details and then send you an invoice via email to pay direct. From there, we start right away with getting your description written up and advertised.

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