BabySitter Finder offers a wide variety of services to all individuals nationwide that have an interest or association within childcare involvement. Servicing families in need of childcare, and Daycare/Agency Owners that inquire about getting assistance with their business.


BabySitter Finder is the only agency around that not only offers a quick, speedy process of finding childcare for families, but also offers a wide variety of services to all who are within the child-related industry. Thriving on feedback from those whom are associated, so that we can constantly come up with new ideas & processes. We are also the only service that encourages our website visitors to become a free Member with us, to participate in discussion in the forum, and connecting with others. 

Looking for Childcare?

BF believes in the importance of parents putting their focus on paying their caregiver, and not having the worry of putting a lot of money toward an agency. Whether you are looking for an Occasional Sitter or wanting to Hire a Nanny or Sitter, we work for you as your "personal assistant" as we search, interview, and conduct the entire recruiting process on your behalf. Have you joined any of those childcare finder websites? If so, have you noticed that you still have to do all the leg work?! Skip the hassle!..We're already in those groups, and included in your package plan. Please see below, just a few of the many benefits you'll receive by going through us :
   - We utilize our childcare expertise by writing a detailed description of the job position.
   - All caregivers are required to submit a formal application, resume, and photo. 
   - We review all candidate submissions and determine those who qualify.
   - Upon determination, applications are then sent to parents for review via email.
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For Daycare & Agency Owners

BabySitter Finder isn't just your typical childcare placement agency! We provide services to everyone who is in the childcare industry. For those of you who run your own Daycare or Agency, we have some great options to help you along the way. Offering services such as a webpage. It is very important to have a beautiful website to showcase your business to attract more clients. We even provide help for designing a logo, to which represents your business and can leave a lasting impression on possible clients. 
Do you use forms for parents to fill out? We offer a service for you where we work together to design Customer Submission Forms that directly relate to your business. This is done by choosing a variety of many different fields such as Name, Address, Multiple Choice, etc. (note: to see all different possibilities, click on any BF forms.)

Have a Suggestion?

We are consistently evolving and want your suggestions! BF is 100% cliental-based and centered around your needs and wants. For instance, you may own your own daycare and would like to hire BF to help you find clients.. that may be a service we can develop and provide. It is most important to remember that BabySitter Finder is conveniently tailored to fit your direct needs!
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Why We're Different

The only placement agency around that is not only focused on finding childcare for families, but is involved with everything child related. Our proprietary process is uniquely designed to cater to all child-related individuals, not just families! We have a distinctive technique to our online recruiting process for parents seeking childcare. Since we have a variety of resources and online connections..this is what allows us to generate what parents & owners need in a much faster, more timely turnaround than others. 

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